Terms and Conditions

All vehicles are listed with descriptions provided and declared by our sources E&OE

There maybe occasional errors in descriptions which will be rectified if found, options declared may not be exhaustive.

Mileages are stated in either KM or Miles as we deal both types of speedo equipped vehicles

Mileages are not guaranteed unless specifically noted as being 'warranted'

We do not alter speedometers to read from km/h to mph or vice versa unless specifically agreed to do so

For vehicles with odometer upgrades/aftermarket/non factory fit units - we can not guarantee the total mileage but will list displayed mileage and the buyer decides

We do not warrant cars which are equipped with engine performance altering modifications such as, but not limited to, boost controllers or after market engine control units whereby performance can be turned up to dangerous levels which place way above normal loads on engine and drivetrain resulting in failure of major running components.

All goods remain the property of IB-E.CO.UK until paid for in full

Under the new DVLA rules the road tax can no longer be transferred as part of the sale so this needs to be paid prior to collection/handover

We do not provide insurance cover you must have adequate insurance in place to drive away legally

Vehicles sold may not have alarms/immobilsers installed and even if they do we dont guarantee them to conform to any UK directives such as Thatcham etc

All turbo charged vehicles must be run solely on high octane fuels on with a minium octane rate of 99, any lower octane fuel will result in piston det.

Any deposit payments are non refundable unless agreed otherwise in writing